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Family By Choice, DFD is where “Family” will always remain our middle name.

Downie Family Dentistry has been a cornerstone of the New Haven community for more than 30 years. We are humbled by the privilege to serve multiple generations of some of the most well-regarded families in the area and take the responsibility of serving all of our patient families very seriously. Our state-of-the-art clinical facility has allowed the most recent Downie Dentists the freedom to create some of the most tailored fit, patient customized treatment plans in the exciting field of dentistry, and all right in the heart of Bulldog Pride New Haven, Indiana! Having the privilege to be able to provide the elevated level of services to our incredible patient family's without having to fly them out to some insanely priced dental office on the West Coast of California means everything to our staff! Our compassion bleeds through, lead by probably the most honest “give it to you strait” dentist Dr. Will, backwards hat wearing, bright clothes, constantly smiling individual whose compassion for patient care couldn’t be wiped off his face if you tried.

We don’t wear white jackets. The “doctors” are people at Downie Family Dentistry. We aren’t dictated by a greedy corporate structure. Dental outcomes, great patient experiences and a cup of coffee are what matters. Providing only the best treatment outcomes by Dr. William J. Downie and every now and then when the office is fortunate enough; the man, the myth, the legend Dr. Paul Downie continues to show why he was/is a true pioneer in dental orthodontics. (You can always count on Dr. Downie Senior to poke fun at Dr. Will at not going on those long Saturday morning runs with him!)

In 2017, Dr. Will took it upon himself to reinvest everything back into the practice and perform a complete renovation, tear down of the dental facility located at 982 Koehlinger Dr with the ultimate objective to create not just a dental office, but create a dental experience that would break ground in new directions, re-create a compassionate, eccentric one of a kind experience unlike any other community based/ expanded services dental home the world had scene. Even as Dr. Will and the staff professionally and respectfully always continue to evolve, regardless of Dr. Will’s undeniable love for the beauty of dental implantology, focusing his training on cutting edge higher end dental quality services (layered multi-leveled Cosmetic, dental-implant full mouth reconstruction cases), our patient family must never forget that at the end of the day, we are a family by choice and “Family” is our middle name! We are a cornerstone of the community and will always at our heart be a dental clinic excited to see our 6 year patients, placing dental sealants on them at their 3rd dental visit, reinforcing proper OHI habits that will stick with them until they graduate from high school and walk across that podium!

So, prepare to let us pamper you, providing you with noise cancellation headphones and turning on your favorite Netflix series the next time you come in for your next appointment!

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