Orthodontics and TMJ Disorder Treatments

$1000 – $5,000

State of the art, comprehensive orthodontic treatment for all ages that utilizes the newest methods and technologies to achieve that “Hollywood Smile” that you didn’t think was achievable.

Having a straight smile is important for a wide number of reasons and every adult deserves to have the smile of their dreams; however, there are many adults who have misconceptions about receiving orthodontic treatment outside of their adolescent years. It is important that everyone understands that receiving treatment for orthodontic issues can provide a boost to people’s confidence and self-esteem. Having a straight smile is important for making a good first impression. It can make the difference between landing a job or acceptance into graduate school and not taking that shot at all. With this in mind, there are some key points about adult orthodontics and temporomandibular joint disorder treatments below.

Myth: Adults shouldn’t get braces because they don’t need orthodontic treatment.

This is a very common misconception about adults receiving orthodontic treatment. In reality, there are adults who desperately want or need orthodontic treatment. It might be because they didn’t receive it during their middle and high school years or because something happened during their adulthood that should be addressed.

Myth: Adults shouldn’t invest in orthodontic treatment because it won’t work without a growing mouth.

There are many people who believe that orthodontic treatment only works during the adolescent years because the mouth is still growing and therefore can be molded into shape. In fact, the opposite is true. Kids wait until their adolescent years to receive treatment because the timing of the treatment is aligned to conclude with a child’s adult height. A mouth which is stable in size has a great opportunity for success.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment hurts.

Many people have bad memories of receiving treatments with braces during their childhood and the discomfort that resulted from having the wires tightened. Today, there are multiple treatment options with numerous advantages for people of all ages. Some of the most commonly asked questions are below!

I heard that clear aligners are an option for receiving orthodontic treatment. What are some of the benefits that these clear trays provide over traditional treatment modalities?

This is a great question because everyone should be educated about their treatment options prior to investing in that option. Clear trays and aligners provide several benefits. First, the trays are clear. Therefore, people do not have to worry about being “embarrassed” regarding their appearance. Secondly, the trays can come out while people eat. Therefore, people don’t have to worry about the pain of eating with braces or the dangers of cavities underneath brackets. Finally, clear trays work quickly. They align mouths just as quickly as braces. Sometimes, they align faster than mouths treated with braces.


This is another common question. Many people struggle with TMJ disorder and the symptoms that make it hard to eat, swallow, or even speak. With today’s technology, there are numerous treatment options to address this common disorder. It is important that patients meet with a medical professional to discuss the benefits and risks or every treatment option before deciding.

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